At Environmental LandCare, we realize how crucial your irrigation system is to keeping your site looking its best. We understand that proper water management is a balance between conserving water while providing enough water for the growth of healthy, eye-pleasing plants.


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Properly designed and installed irrigation systems can create a landscape that requires less water, less fertilization and therefore save you money. Scheduled maintenance can extend that saving year-after-year year by testing, adjusting, and keeping the system in good shape. This helps you avoid unnecessary water waste and costly repairs to your system and lawns.


Our Trained Irrigation Technicians Provide


    Complete Inspection and Diagnosis

  1. For shopping malls, industrial business parks, apartment communities, HOA's, schools, hotels, etc.
  2. Adjustment, Repair and Maintenance

  3. We offer regular maintenance to ensure your landscaping is always in excellent condition
  4. System Design and Installation

  5. Free sprinkler evaluation upon hiring our services $175.00 Value 
  6. 2-Year warranty on our products and workmanship

  7. Warranty begins from time of installation
  8. Customized Solutions

  9. We carefully select the most appropriate types of irrigation heads and individual system components from the best manufacturers
  10. We don't cut corners. We precisely place the correct number of irrigation heads to ensure total area coverage
  11. To avoid dry sections closest to sprinkler heads, watering patterns are set up to provide critical overlapping head-to-head coverage

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